What’s that sound?

Do songs stick in your head the way they do in mine?

I mean the way you can simply read a couple words from a song and then the rest of it plays in your head for hours. Or the way you can wake up with a song on repeat, even when you may not have heard it for days, weeks, or longer.

Even more so than visual items, smells, or tastes, sounds queue more memories for me than any other sense. And with that is when songs and sounds link from one memory to another.

Often, this starts with a link from a song on TV or in a movie which reminds me of one from another TV show or movie, then dives deeper to memories of what was going on in my life or a specific moment that made that first song important enough to anchor that deeply in my mind.

The most recent case for me is the end credits theme for the TV show, “Haven” (2010-2015), which I started watching on Netflix. This vexed me for a bit until I realized what it was reminding me of – the piano theme called “It Was Always You, Helen” from the 1992 movie, “Candyman”.

With the former composed by Shawn Pierce and the latter by the great Phillip Glass, I make the assumption that any similarities rely mostly in my own mind.

A lot was going on in my life when Candyman came out to make it stick strongly, even beyond my general love of horror films. Those memories are for me to swim through, but here are the two songs.

Do you hear the same similarities that I do?

If you do watch “Haven”, also try out any of the Jesse Stone mystery movies and look for the visual similarities of the fictional towns.

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