The Thing Is

There is a crackle and hiss from the almond and oak wood burning in my fireplace behind my new iron fireplace screen. The nostalgic yet sharp scent of smoke and ash in the air.
There is a hiss and crackle as the needle of my record player traces a path along one of my most recent vinyl acquisitions – Ennio Morricone’s  previously mostly unused but masterful orchestral score to what may be my all-time favorite film, John Carpenter’s The Thing.

A crystal goblet with chilled Strand Breweing Co. beer sits nearby. Only my cat, Henry, comes between me and my glass.

I close my eyes for a moment and imagine that Henry and I are alone in a one-room cabin deep in snow-covered woods, and it brings even more comfort.

The lights are off. Candles and oil lamps lit. This is the scene I’ve set for myself and it brings me medication and inspiration.

This is how I do Sunday night.

And for additional inspiration, check out the “new” podcast from LitHub featuring a profound and tear-jerking interview with Neil Gaiman.

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