Your support is needed

I’m not one to usually promote a lot of sharing when people are sick. Too often, the responses from people are clearly just a mere cover over their own insecurity at not knowing how to react. I have my reasons, which really shouldn’t matter to you. They matter to me.

I also know the truth is that support – in-person, family, friends, coworkers, online, phone call, a simple emoji – can have tremendous effects on people, especially during times of need and healing.

This young woman is someone I’ve had the great pleasure to get to know a little while volunteering in the First Exposures youth mentorship program in San Francisco. I’ve seen her humor, art, and generosity and have built a huge respect for her.

She graduated out of the program this year – meaning she graduated high school – and was one of the speakers at the annual Looking Forward, Giving Back benefit show. The place was in tears of laughter and love by the end.

Over about the last year or so, she has been fighting a battle like a champ. Ali would have loved her.

She keeps herself upbeat.

She has used friendships and art to express herself and understand the journey she is on. Find photographs by her and many other mentees on First Exposure’s Tumblr and Instagram.

She does it with grace, humility, and – most importantly – open honesty.

Things I Wish People Had Told Me About Having Cancer

The Journey of Me

But it just keeps coming back. After three brain surgeries and chemotherapy already, she just found out her cancer is still aggressively attacking her and she is due to start radiation therapy this week.

Please check our her blog – The Journey of Me – and send her some fat animal videos (her favorite) and words of support.

It helps. Trust me.

I’m Home! + I Can’t Get a Break

Hello everyone! So I leaned on Friday that my tumor has evolved and is now stage 3. (Which means my tumor grows quickly, and my cancer can spread throughout my body) I will be starting radiation tomorrow. And I am scared. I don’t know what to expect, and I’m scared. Fingers crossed everything goes well!

The Journey of Me


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