The Escalator

arlington-wpa-1936-40As I’ve been absent – both from here and writing, in general – I decided to take a stab at a refresher writing course from Brando Skyhorse and the Wesleyan University via Coursera.

I just finished the first module of learning and am getting ready to start the exercise.

I feel both challenged and foolish.

The course – so far – is truly a very basic refresher course for creative writing. The most basic of basic.

“The Craft of Plot”

Regardless, it is igniting parts of my brain and imagination which have been left smoldering nearly to the point of going out.

I’ve already written down several new story ideas, which is something I literally haven’t done in years.

So, to further excite (and hopefully, not to humiliate) myself, I will post my work as I complete each module, along with a brief description of the section and the assignment.

Check back with me tomorrow for the first assignment:

“The Escalator”


Freytag’s Pyramid describing the structure of plot within a narrative. From Public Domain.


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