Going to the bizarre or memento mori?

“People loved freaks, and they still do… .” But in past eras… society deemed it “more appropriate to delight in them.”

Joanna Ebenstein, Creative Director at The Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn via HuffPost Weird News

There is nothing wrong with having a fascination with the strange and – sometimes – even the obscene. It’s what draws you to look at the scene of a car accident, even as you feel you should look away.

As mentioned in this article on HuffPost’s Weird News blog, what is considered bizarre has changed greatly over time.

The way animals such as an unwanted litter of cats are treated now vs. then is so great as to seem incomprehensible. Not only has the public moral shifted to tell (most of) us that drowning cats is wrong, we have even put laws into place to stop the few remaining people who’s morals might still be a little… loose… in that respect. Or pathological, if you prefer.

On only my third trip to Las Vegas, rather than hitting the casinos, my wife and two of our friends were more compelled by the Bodies exhibit than anything else occurring around us. The fascination with the strange, unknown, bizarre, grotesque, and also beautiful within all of us shown, not in model, but with real flesh of real people.


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