the beauty of vaccines

There is a lot of talk in the news about vaccines and specifically the MMR vaccine – measles, mumps, and rubella.

So much talk and outrage from all sides of the issue. But in the end, an expert from the CDC today stated that there are only about 121 cases of measles in the United States since December.

Granted, it’s unfortunate when anyone dies from something that could’ve been prevented. But right after the story on measles, PBS’s News Hour went on to a story about Alzheimer’s and how there are approximately 6 million Americans currently living and dying from this horrible disease.

121 vs. 6,000,000

Am I wrong in thinking maybe our national stories should be shifted?

Let’s quickly adjust our laws to close the gaps that are allowing a liberal number of kids to go unvaccinated. Everyone should be vaccinated. There. Done.

Then let’s put some actual muscle behind trying to find meaningful treatments and cures for more impactful diseases like Alzheimer’s, H.I.V., and cancer.

Or… if you can’t get off the vaccine story, take a look at what The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation has put together to call attention to the need for vaccines around the world. Measles killed nearly 150,000 people around the world in 2013 – nearly 1,000 times the number of deaths in the United States.

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