October 7-8: I like big butts and I can not lie

Like I mentioned previously, trying to get in horror movies during the work week can be difficult. My job leaves me mentally and emotionally drained. The recent heat leaves me physically drained.

As such, my taste when I’m the most tired runs toward the fun rather than the freaky and creepy.

Last night, I enjoyed an old favorite – Thir13en Ghosts (2001).

I have to note that I hated this movie the first time that I saw it. I guess I believed the advertising and was hoping for much more than was delivered. But I think, like House on Haunted Hill and some other remakes, it was limited by it’s 1960 original inspiration.

However, now aged compared to many other movies from the same time, it takes on a playful quality which has turned it into one of my most enjoyable October movies.

This movie also contains a disproportionately beautiful opening credit scene when – in a short time and with moderate effects – it shows the past to present for Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shaloub), his daughter (Shannon Elizabeth), and the rest of the family.

Before and after that, this movie is really about Matthew Lillard’s performance as the flawed psychic who really has a heart of gold when lives are on the line.

Although not a movie for the whole family, by today’s standards, this should rate maybe 16 and up. As usual, most people will be concerned with the full (in make-up) nudity of The Angry Princess ghost than of the violence, but both are really needed to make this the fun high-budget B-movie that it really is.

And then tonight, I picked on something new streaming on Netflix – Big Ass Spider! (2013).

Within the first 5 minutes, this movie had me hooked.

The opening scene – with a nod toward the first and last seconds of the TV show, Lost, on which Greg Grunberg had a short role as one of the pilots and featuring a lovely cover of The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” – is beautiful and ludicrous.

The rest of the movie is just a fun romp with poor dialog, racist stereotypes, and some silly spots by actors who reach a new high with this low.

Big Ass Spider! would go great with the classic Kingdom of The Spiders staring William Shatner, or make it a trio night by combing with Eight Legged Freaks and Aracnophobia.

Make yourself a milkshake and popcorn, or a root beer cocktail (my preference) and prepare to laugh until your sides hurt.

Just getting Kingdom of The Spiders on DVD, I plan to save it to watch back-to-back with the classic, Ants.

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