October 6: You can’t keep a good dog down

From the creators of Scream, Cursed (2005), is just a fun romp in the werewolf genre. More action and comedy than horror, it’s more akin to An American Werewolf in Paris than The Howling. In fact, Cursed could have easily been playfully named “An American Werewolf in Hollywood”.

The one thing Wes Craven could’ve done to improve Cursed was to take the CGI budget and put it into some good old-fashioned movie make-up and costuming. The scenes with characters full wolfed-out are more cartoonish now with the advances the technology has made. Give me Lon Chaney with whiskers any day.

Full of stars such as Christina Ricci and Jesse Eisenberg, Cursed isn’t a curse but is a pure popcorn flick for your Halloween enjoyment. For continued fun, pair this the classic Fright Night (1985, not the abhorrent 2011) or make it an Eisenberg double-feature with Zombieland.

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