October 5, Part 2: Tricks are on you

Although not getting in a horror movie yesterday, I’ve made up some ground today.

First, a matinee of the new Annabelle. Then back home for some new (to me) and old.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)

Going only for the gross-out to the point of being ridiculous, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, fails completely to achieve any of the suspense or paranoia of its progenitor. While Cabin Fever (2002) was not a masterpiece, it was still an enjoyable teen scream.

Unless you’re at home sick with nothing better to do, and you feel the need to equally bore and torture yourself, I recommend skipping this flick.

Trick r’ Treat (2007)

Taking the anthology style of Creepshow (1982) to a new and more adult level, Trick r’ Treat is a great Halloween movie.

With a great cast including Dylan Baker (Kings), Anna Paquin (True Blood), and Brian Cox (The Bourne Identityhis is one where there are few innocents and the evil get their just desserts.

Grab some candy corn and a good drink and settle in for equal laughs and screams.

Monkey Shines (1988)

Although it definitely feels dated – to the point of seeming more like a made-for-TV movie – Monkey Shines still managed to build up a pleasing combination of suspense.

A young man with a bright future and girlfriend is hit by a truck and paralyzed (Hello, 1998’s Rear Window). After his girlfriend leaves him unable to cope with the the new reality that Alan (Jason Beghe) lives in, he hits a terrible low emotional point. To help him, his friend (John Pankow), a researcher working with capuchin monkeys, has one of them trained as a helper. Unbeknownst to Alan, Ella, the monkey, has been receiving a serum designed to increase her intelligence (Hello, 2011’s Rise of The Planet of The Apes).

Alan and Ella quickly bond and she seems the best thing for his recovery and even a happy life, until a series of increasingly serious and suspicious incidents reveal what is really going on.

Although directed by George Romero, this is closer to The Dark Half (1993) than Night of The Living Dead (1968), but still and enjoyable night (home) at the movies.

Trailers for other films mentioned above:

“They’re coming to get your, Barbara…”

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