Let the horrors begin…

Although I grew up on Sci-Fi, the Horror movie genre is definitely my favorite – as evidenced by the sheer number of DVD’s and movies on my hard drive ranging from Carnival of Souls (1962) to Tremors (1990) to The Host (aka Gwoemol) (2006).

I love the horrible, the campy, the teen screams, the horror-comedy, and even some of the slashers (though that deserves a separate analysis).

So coming across Hot Topic: Good Horror Films? | Wonderful Cinema has me thinking a lot about which films would be on my Best Of Horror list.

As Wonderful Cinema did, before doing a Best Of Anything list, definitions need to be made. It’s not necessary to divulge that to the reader (you) but the writer (me) has to know what I’m actually rating in order to organize and categorize.

The problem here is that I just don’t really know what my criteria are. I don’t really know why I like (love) horror movies.

Is it genetics? My mother loves them too – though not nearly to my level – and I credit her with introducing me to horror novels (primarily Stephen King) just as I credit my dad with igniting my love of science fiction starting with Isaac Asimov.

Is it nurture? If it is, then I really have to take a closer look at my childhood because I grew up in a very well-balanced and loving household.

Or is it something completely random?

Whatever the case, October is coming which means a month of (nearly) a horror movie per day. Some things get in the way to prevent reaching a full 31 movies, but I did take off Halloween from work this year to allow for some make-up also.

As I go through this October, I’ll post reviews and updates of the movies I choose.

If you’re interested, check back often.

And… to whet your appetite… I started early yesterday on my birthday with 2 of the more unusual horror movies I’ve seen lately.

Trailers for films mentioned above:

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