The sounds of The Big Picture

Kat Edmonson has emerged from her chrysalis to fully show her butterfly wings. Her new album, “The Big Picture“, is due for release soon, but you don’t have to wait. Stream the entire album in its majesty now on NPR’s First Listen.

With 2009’s “Take To The Sky“, Kat showed the world that she didn’t need to change her style for American Idol and that determination would win out. Using a Kickstarter campaign, she released her first album full of classic style and a voice transcending the ages just as easily as The Lady Day. But something was missing in an album mostly of standards.

Then she returned 3 years later with “Way Down Low” and hit us with the same style but all new songs showing herself to be a superb singer and songwriter. Showing us she truly “just wasn’t made for these times.”

Sing a song about a mystery man

When God made him, I think he had a plan

to fool all the girls like he did me

Never did ask him to leave me be

Oh, why’d he go away?

Mystery man, come back to me someday

Kat Edmonson

Now she shows us “The Big Picture”. The only flaw I can find is that it – nor any of her past releases – are available on vinyl.

Her look, sound, and songwriting belong to an era when it took some effort to listen to music. Flipping through albums. Pulling out the right one for the situation. Carefully placing it on the turntable to prevent adding any dirt or finger oils to the record surface. Gently placing the needle on the spinning record. Then sitting back with a glass of wine and just letting the music be.

However you choose to get the new Kat Edmonson album – streaming, download, or CD – still take the time to make it an experience over convenience. Not only does the music deserve that respect, but so do you.

And just for fun, here is something a little unusual – Kat and Lyle Lovett in duet.

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