Looking Forward, Giving Back

The annual art exhibition slash art auction slash fundraiser slash good time is coming up soon for First Exposures.


If you haven’t read anything from me before about First Exposures, it’s a San Francisco-based program for “at-risk” youth pairing them one-on-one with adult mentors and learning photography based around a central socially-themed project.

That’s a lot to say that they teach kids how to be good people while giving them an artistic outlet.

And their annual fundraiser – Looking Forward, Giving Back – is their way of showing off the fantastic art of the students and their mentors and raising funds and awareness.

Although they’ve doubled their ticket price this year, it’s still well worth it for an exciting evening of music, food, drink, and excellent art.

I’m amazed every year I attend at the quality of the photographs. Their young eyes pick out unique subjects and perspectives which so many adults lose over time. Their imagination is still inherent while you and I would have to expend immense energy to escape our comfort zones to even come close to the same level of creativity.

So check it out. If you can’t attend, please consider making a donation to the program or check back as they also annually have an online auction – though the art there is from known artists and not the students.


And, as a long-time volunteer with many different programs, I encourage you to find something in your area to give your time and energy to. The program I work with at the museum not only brings me an area of fulfillment I hadn’t realized I was missing, but I’ve also learned skills there which have helped me in my professional and personal life too.

Okay, the lecture is over. Enjoy the rest of your day and here is some more great photography to check out:

Picture 5

Picture 3

Picture 2




Coming up next…

How do you remember?


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