When small things are big

A family member has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I’m reminded that the small things are important.

I’m reminded that, even though I see people fighting this disease every day, I’ve still got a buffer between myself and what’s really happening – even when I get really close to a patient.

But this reminds me what I know but usually willfully ignore. That the buffer is really just an illusion.

This is something we’re all fighting. Cancer. The big C. The thing we like to only talk about in terms of colored ribbons and not about reality. It doesn’t care about color. It doesn’t care about sex. It doesn’t care about anything.

Then, on my drive to one of our offices, I heard this interview with the “Napkin Notes Dad” on KQED radio. It was so beautiful, that when I got in range, I changed to Capital Public Radio to hear it all over again.

This is how you beat cancer.

You stay who you are. You look to the bonds you have with those around you. And you take inspiration from the small things because they have a big impact.

This man’s daughter will never be the same – even before he was diagnosed with cancer – not for anything big but for the small act of letting her know every day how much he loves her, how proud he is of her, and by inspiring her to always be better than the day before.

And now, his small thing has grabbed the attention and inspiration of millions around the world.

Sometimes, small things are big.

Copyright 2013 by T. E. Wilson

Copyright 2013 by T. E. Wilson


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