Music for the masses

By random chance, I’ve found quite a few new (and reworked old) music which I’m really enjoying.

This is a relative rarity for me anymore, though not nearly as rare as it is for me to find new movies I’m truly excited about.

The first 2 below come from household names – Yoko noticeably more so than Lynch – but neither are known for making good music.

I’ll leave the final judgement in your hands, but I’ll will say that Ono’s “Bad Dancer” is at least as good as the modern pop is makes fun of and Lynch’s “Bad The John Boy” is what I’d call an immersive song – i.e. it’s best listened to with headphones and blank mind.

After that, I saw a movie preview for “Lone Survivor” but I was most struck by the song in the preview – a cover of Bowie’s “Heroes” stripped down and reworked by Peter Gabriel.

This is just one song off of a full album of covers Gabriel (Scratch My Back) puts his hand to. Although all are good, “Heroes” and only a few others are truly great.

But what is all great is the companion album, And I’ll Scratch Yours, where many of the artists covered by Gabriel put their voices to his songs. Almost all are great, but Feist‘s cover of “Don’t Give Up” brought me to tears (not an unknown by Feist).

Here is a sampling of many of the songs.

And then, of course, NPR rarely fails me with fantastic live performances. I hadn’t previously heard of Poliça, but they certainly prove here that they are one of the few and far between on the modern pop scene who can perform even better live than in the studio.

Put this on and watch alone with a cup of hot chocolate or bourbon or play it in the background and see how it actually helps to aid concentration.

Either way, enjoy.

Poliça live in concert on NPR Music



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