Getting my movie on

The Cold Devils, Felicien Rops, c. 1860 ( )

The Cold Devils, Felicien Rops, c. 1860 ( )

My annual October Horrorfest has been lackluster so far. To many things have gotten in the way to keep me on track, but I have racked up a decent list of movies – so far – with some good to great ones peppered in.

The rules of the Horrorfest are pretty simple:

  1. Watch at least 1 horror movie every day in October of a mixture of new and previously seen.

With only 1 rule, there is only 1 rule I’ve broken – whatever that says – but I realize now that my average per day is slightly greater, so life hasn’t yet gotten in the way enough to bring about an October loss.

As far as what qualifies as a horror movie… well, that is very fluid. I have a broad definition which covers everything from The Shining to Hatchet II. That means to quality to bargain basement comedy-horror. Things ranging from supernatural to real-world.

It’s like a month long test or reminder of what really is frightening in the world.

So, here is the list so far:

Most of the movies are chosen by what is available at the time and what my mood is, but I do keep a short list of movies which will not be missed during the month. This year, those include:

And also a few recent films rented or purchased, this year likely:

My Horrorfest doesn’t benefit anyone but me. In fact, it comes close to driving my wife mad because there usually isn’t a single film during October which we watch together.  But, it’s something fun and something simple I look forward to treating myself at year after year.

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