Sounds for an aching heart

What does it take to make your heart ache?

The right song is the quickest way for me.

The particular song, voice, or sound varies depending upon where I’m starting, but almost all of them can get me there eventually.

And there is no denying, that sometimes, what I actually need is to actually push myself into heart ache.

It’s masochistic and self-delusional but also very cathartic. The world takes on a new dimension – comfortable like rediscovering an old sweater on a crisp day.

It puts things into a perspective that is important to remember because it’s real – even hyperreal – and reminds me that I’m human, I’m fallible, and I’m also worthwhile.

Just when I feel the most tired, it makes me realize I also couldn’t be stronger.

And sometimes… just sometimes… the same music is there to cure the heartache.

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