Musical interlude on a hot summer afternoon

(Please send me a message if this video doesn’t work. The previous version had problems, so this is an updated version. Ty)

No artist has ever been able to move me in quite the same way as Portishead. Not even the great Lady Day, Billie Holiday, can move me with each and every song and performance.

My love affair started with a scene from the camp sci-fi classic, Tank Girl, when the lovely Lori Petty is giving herself a slow motion dust shower to Portishead’s “Roads.” As Beth Gibbons crooned “How can it feel, this wrong/ From this moment/ How can it feel, this wrong,” I felt myself in the same pit of despair as Tank Girl, her sassy spirit finally broken by the man.

Thanks to Strangeways Radio for bringing this wonderful (free) performance of Portishead to my attention.

Not quite the same as their popular album of playing live at Roseland, this still shows the mastery they have of each beat played and lyric sung. Probably the main reason I love them so much is that it is obvious just how much of themselves goes into the music, so that even a live performance is expert (unlike a lot of other artists, in my opinion).

Portishead has a timeless sound – despite the sampling, electric guitars, and accents of record crackle – pushed primarily by Gibbon’s voice and excellent song writing. They make music to cry to. To dance too. To make love. And to just chill.

Whether today is a good day or not. Whether you’re alone or with someone you love. Grab a cold beer or iced tea. Open your windows to let the summer air in. And put this on and just be.

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