Neither here nor there

Let there be nothing in my world
so small it is forgotten,
Nor so large
it is taken for granted.

Clive Barker

Photo copyright by and courtesy of Jennifer DiPretoro

Photo copyright by and courtesy of Jennifer DiPretoro

I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t had time or – more often – the energy to put down any words – here or elsewhere.

I haven’t even been able to completely organize my thoughts around the wonderful and wonderfully simple poem above from the great, Clive Barker.

My day job has been consuming almost all of my time and energy, but I have had some fun too.

I’ve done my regular volunteering at the museum but also have been part of a task force of other volunteers to create new engagements around human evolution. I’m helping to teach those engagements this coming Saturday and was just today asked to be an advisor for two classes in the fall.

That’s great and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it, though I continue to argue that the museum doesn’t know what they’re missing. They get me free a 15-20 hours per month on-site and a few hours from home learning or doing write-ups, but they passed on me in the first round of resume reviews for a paid position working with the same volunteers I’m a part of.

I’m a manager for a busy 2-office medical oncology practice. I have 20 years of experience in volunteering from church to radio to the ACS, and 4 of those years have included volunteering at the museum and about half being a daily team leader to other volunteers.

But that’s apparently doesn’t count because I’ve never been paid to do it.

I have to smirk at that, but also it is kind of a thorn in my paw. It won’t keep me from doing the same great job I’ve been doing as a volunteer, but I’m sure it’ll pop into my mind next time they ask me to add yet another volunteer role or day.

But the good beyond that is my eleven year anniversary just recently past and I continue to be just as in love as on that day – even though I still can’t afford to take us back for even one night at the B&B where we got married.

But such is life and life goes on and life sucks and life’s a beach and love life and live life and just that’s life.

More to come in the near future, but I’ve got 2 more busy days of work this week and then a date night with my mom and some A-grade horror movies.

Don’t give up and check back next week.

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