“Write because…”

This is some great advice, though it’s more of a “Do as I say, not as I do” situation at the moment, seeing as this is the first post I’ve had in awhile and the highlight of it isn’t even my own writing or thoughts. So, with that disclosure, still take this for truth and WRITE.

Write because you HAVE to. Let the imperative be your need, in all its particularities. Don’t try and pre-think it, pre-plan it or pre-despair of it. Write, all the time, every kind of thing that your heart tells you to. And stop reading letters from authors. BE ONE.

Clive Barker

Weird Tales, May, 1934

Weird Tales, May, 1934

And with that, I give you my 100th post. I’m greatly looking forward to where this will go with 100 more.

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