Beauty is in the light

Album & Music Video Release – May
OPALE “Sparkles and Wine” 2013
Directed and Produced by

I present to you two short films – art pieces – with different objectives and different styles, utilizing similar technique and spaced apart by nearly half a century.

Distances of time can make two things very different. But they can also bring about very similar things which illicit different feelings.

That’s how I feel about the new OPALE album teaser compared with Henri-Georges Clouzot‘s “L’enfer“.

Both use simple tricks of lighting (the OPALE piece even using lights similar to common Christmas tree lights) to play with perspective of woman’s face. The result is that her face appears to morph, to change in front of your eyes like the best of Hollywood‘s CGI man-to-monster creations. But, in this case, the trick is simple light, camera exposure, and tricks of the human brain.

Which is better of these two? I’ll let you be the ultimate judge, but I find extreme merit in both.

OPALE’s piece features their music but the visual artistry is that of London-based filmmaker, Nacho Guzmán.  Unlike Couzot’s piece, which was really a study of effects for an unfinished project, Guzmán’s piece is polished and feels more like a final work. In fact, the lovely music provided by OPALE almost feels like a score created specifically for the visuals rather than the film being produced to introduce the art.

Take a look at both. They are both beautiful and surreal and serene (well, Clouzot definitely adds a touch of menace too).


Published on Feb 3, 2013

For Clouzot’s unfinished project “L’enfer” a lot of footage was shot of psychedelic experiments to illustrate the mental state of a jealous husband. Especially those moments where Romy Schneider‘s expressions shift in a strange way are quite haunting.



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