Love Has Come For You

I love me some First Listen on NPR. I have yet to regret previewing anything there, even when I don’t actually want to pick-up a copy of whatever it is featured.

That goes again tonight for the new banjo-vocal duet folk album by Steve Martin (yes, that wild and crazy guy) and Edie Brickell (I bet you didn’t know she’d had 10 albums released after 1988’s hitmaker).

First Listen: Steve Martin And Edie Brickell, ‘Love Has Come For You’ : NPR.

Interesting modern folk.

Well, I’m not sure what I mean by “modern” other than that it’s new music.

Take a listen. You may not like it – I’m not sure I do – but it’s interesting, still beautiful, and highlights two underrated and highly skilled musicians.

Oh, and Edie Brickell is still hot… 25 years after her mainstream hit, What I Am. (And Steve Martin doesn’t look too bad himself, though I much prefer him in comedy and his fiction to his banjo.)

Of the songs – many of which noticeably blend together to my ears, untrained in the ways of much folk or banjo – but the title track, Love Has Come For You, definitely stands out. I’ll expect it to soon be included in an episode of Justified.

Listen to some other recent releases which graced First Listen first.

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