From Inside The Den: Slowed Down

A few years ago, I started a NaNoWriMo novel called “Inside The Den”. The story centered around a strip club in San Francisco and one of its dancers, Angel.

I never did finish the story (it was all over the place and so was I, at the time), but I did create a very long and – I think – a very good playlist to accompany what I wrote.

It is both a combination of songs which would’ve been heard during scenes taking place at the strip club, but also music to accompany other events as well as thoughts and feelings inside the characters.

Maybe someday I’ll find myself back at The Den and breathe more life into the cast as well as bring them some closure. And maybe someday I’ll even share some of Angel’s life with you. But in the meantime, I still greatly enjoy the playlist.

The playlist starts with “Tom Sawyer” by Rush as Angel has her first dance of the story and ends, fittingly, with David Bowie’s “Fame” but it meanders through everything from jazz to metal to industrial goth to rap and more.

Here is a sampling of the more slowed down songs. Good for a mellow Friday night while I sit on the balcony, drink tea, and stargaze.

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