REVIEW: House of the Devil (2009)


Theatrical Reveal poster for The House of the ...


This little film slipped right under my radar until I randomly picked up the DVD at my local library recently.

After it sat on my desk for more than a week, I finally put it in last night and was more than pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Set no earlier than 1982 (evidenced by Thomas Dolby’s “One of Our Submarines” on the soundtrack) it also tries to emulate the look, feel, and quiet suspense of some of the great horror flicks of that time.

Not only that, but it succeeds.

I should digress here to say that you actually get what you would expect from the cover of the film. You do not, however, get a high body count, attempts to exceed ever gross moment with another, and this isn’t a shaky-cam feature. Basically, if you’re a fan of movies like Saw and Hostel, just stop here.

House of The Devil (2009) is a modern film which blasted me to the past – to the feeling I had as a kid hanging out with my Uncle Claude and watching a B-horror movie on HBO. That feeling that I was watching something I wasn’t supposed to be watching which just added to the thrill of it. And that kind of suspense where you’re surprised even when something you expect happens and exhilarated when something unexpected happens.

The faults of the film are, unfortunately, the same you’d expect if you streamed a classed on Netflix. It runs into plot problems as the film moves on because the backstory isn’t fully revealed. And then it ends abruptly and with too much uncertainty.

It’s impossible to say much more without revealing to much of the film. I can say, that despite the faults, House of the Devil is joining my horror collection and will be one in at least annual rotation in October during my lead-up to Halloween. In other words, it’s worth the watch if you’re a fan of horror at all.


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