Joyce Carol Oates on City Arts And Lectures

“The artist maybe doesn’t have the prerogative to describe what art is.”

Joyce Carol Oates

as heard on City Arts & Lectures broadcast on KQED Radio online stream, March 10, 2013.

I had big plans for today – especially when I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I’d planned.

But I keep getting pushed to switch tracks and nearly completely derailed.

Most reasons are just life, but the current one is that I found out the City Arts & Lectures on KQED radio interview with Joyce Carol Oates was going to broadcast today.

Photograph of books on a shelf listed as in public domain as found on Wikimedia Commons

This was a lecture I wanted to attend in person but a combination of lack of time, lack of funds, and feeling of inadequacy from not having actually read much of her works kept me from getting tickets. But I didn’t want to miss the radio broadcast because they are not available later.

Do you get that?  The lecture was only 1 moment in time and the broadcast – usually in 2-3 times in 1 weeks – are NOT available podcast or archived later. They are only available streaming at those particular times… and then it’s gone.

So knowing that I’d likely forget during the week, I knew that I had to listen now or risk never hearing the interview.

Oates’ intelligence is amazing. Her grasp of not just her craft but that of art in-general and of humans – or better said, of humanity – is beyond inspirational and frightening. And I can only imagine what was edited out from the radio broadcast, as the live lectures are not confined to only 60 minutes.

I just wish I had the skill to commit every syllable of her interview to memory.

If you aren’t listening to the stream now, you have 2 more chances this week to catch it before it’s gone into the ether.

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