Digital kids are missing something pure

3000 Albums in 3000 Days has it right in Public Image: First Issue – Public Image LTD | 3000 Albums in 3000 Days when they mention digital kids.

For me, it was this way for music but equally for books.

Each dollar earned mowing weeds (not grass) at church or – later – sweating away in a Taco Bell kitchen went to music or books.

Many times were spent trying to find the last few cents or trying to decide Do I buy the new Metallica or the new Isaac Asimov because there was never enough for both.

Trips with my parents or riding my bike downtown on a 95 degree California summer day, forcing myself to skip a 7-Eleven Coke Slurpee and drinking water from the fountains in the park just to save 99 cents.

It was painful then but still felt pure. Perhaps that is sharpened by nostalgia in retrospect. Perhaps it is a little true too.

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