I had been planning to mention this trailer, but Curnblog beat me to it!

I agree – for the most part – on the assessment of Rob Zombie as a filmmaker. I think his films make people uncomfortable. We want to like them for their traditional horror movie fare, but he adds in something else which is more subtle.

He shows us how crazy and horrific people can be to each other, but in a way that you almost (and sometimes do) sympathize with the villains.

That’s horrific and it’s what has made his first films a pleasure to watch – even when I squirmed a little in my seat.

Though I would put The Devil’s Rejects as his peak, so far.


salemHorror is an incredibly difficult genre to do well. And while I’ve seen hundreds of horror films over the years in search of the ultimate terror experience, I would have to say that there have been very few that I would consider great. When I say great, I suppose I refer to those films that are not just scary (which is very rare in itself) but those that are actually deemed qualitatively impressive beyond the confines of their own community of genre fans. Re-Animator is very funny, for example, and will always hold a soft spot in my heart, but it is neither scary nor a particularly well made film.

It will surprise many (perhaps most) people to hear me say that I believe Rob Zombie is one of the few filmmakers who makes great horror films. I’ll stand behind House of 1000 Corpses, and more importantly his…

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