Teach The Controversy

I’ve got to stop distracting (and angering) myself by reading about debates between scientists and creationists and get to some actual work. The problem is, science is actually being attacked in some states (most recently, Colorado) to try and allow non-science to be taught as an alternative to science – IN SCIENCE CLASSROOMS!

Will these people allow a scientist to teach an alternative to their theology from the pulpit? I doubt it. When they do, maybe there is something then to discuss.


IMG_5654 (Photo credit: dangerismycat)

I’m tempted here to make a disclaimer so as not to accidentally insult any of my FB Friends or Below Zero | Above Infinity readers who understand the differences between science and theology and the many who can actually reconcile the two (as many leading scientists can), but I think those people are intelligent enough to understand this isn’t an attack on their beliefs, but my frustration and inability to understand idiocy and bigotry.

Sadly, Phil Plait, in his blog, all but accuses that the bill would’ve gone through if not for the fact that the committee which had to approve it before it could move on to the House was comprised solely of democrats.

I’m registered a democrat, though my actual beliefs lie on both sides of the spectrum, as do a lot of the beliefs of other democrats AND republicans who I consider friends. Granted, it is different when you get to the party members actually holding offices in state and federal levels, but I like to believe (perhaps foolishly) that not all republicans are “bad” just as I know not all democrats are “good.”

Here are a couple links to give you a few details on the Colorado bill, which was thankfully shot down. Dare I say it’s natural selection?

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3 responses to “Teach The Controversy

  1. How anyone can think that the Earth went from one person (Adam) with presumably just one language to billions of people with hundreds if not thousands of languages is beyond me.
    You have to be a real idiot to actually think we went from CroMagnon –> Neanderthal –> Stone Age –> Bronze Age –> Renaissance –> Industrial Revolution –> Digital Revolution in just 6000 years.

    If we co-existed wih them, then why are there no cave paintings of dinosaurs? I can’t imagine your average caveman would bother to paint something as boring as a horse or buffalo but then ignore the T-Rex that just chased him all the way home. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    Check my blog to see my thoughts on this…I guarantee they make a lot more sense!

    • You probably would’ve enjoyed the lecture I attended last night at the California Academy of Sciences. The speaker was paleoanthropologist, Dr. Zeray Alemseged, speaking specifically on his recent publications dealing with A. afarensis‘ believed tree-climbing adaptations.

      At one point, he brought up a quote from Charles Darwin – I believe from Descent of Man, though I was too engrossed to even take notes – and mentioned that Darwin made his observations without yet having an extensive record from discovered fossils and without DNA evidence.

      He then made the off-hand comment that “some people” can’t figure out the same thing now, even with all of the evidence!

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