How It Began: Benjamin Dean lecture by Dr. Chris Impey

The metric expansion of space. The inflationar...

The metric expansion of space. The inflationary epoch is the expansion of the metric tensor at left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – This graphic as used in Dr. Impey’s lecture.

Tonight, I took my wife and my dad to one of the Benjamin Dean lectures at the California Academy of Sciences.

My dad and I have been to a few over the past several months including one on brown dwarf stars, another on the history of planetariums, and tonight’s on the history of the universe itself.

The speaker was Dr. Christopher Impey, professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona and author of How It Began.

I’m am still floored by the quality fo the lecture, the connections I made to scientific ideas I’ve heard before, but never quite grasped, his infusion of humor and personality, and the walk through Golden Gate Park and car ride back to the East Bay which was filled with non-stop discussion.

Not only do I want to get his newest book, but my wife tells me she gets to read it first!

I practically can’t wait for the next lecture I’m going to with my dad – this time from the Pritzker lecture series, it features the museum’s own Dr. Zerasany Alemsegad, curator of Anthropology, discusses his theories about A. afarensis and, in particular, its climbing behavior.

If that excites you as much as it does me, then check out the website for more information on lectures, the speakers, and even videos.

Description of the lecture as copied from the California Academy of Science’s lecture page:

Benjamin Dean Lecture
How It All Began

Dr. Christopher Impey,
Department of Astronomy, University of Arizona

February 4th 7:30pm in the Planetarium
Learn about how an iota of space-time 13.7 billion years ago grew into 100 billion galaxies, including everything we know and love. The big bang is the scientific story of creation and it’s supported by a web of evidence pointing to an extremely hot and dense early state for the universe. What if we could look into space and see not only our place in the universe but also how we came to be here? As it happens, we can. Because it takes time for light to travel, we see more and more distant regions of the universe as they were in the successively greater past. Impey uses this concept—”look-back time”—to take us on an intergalactic tour that is simultaneously out in space and back in time. Performing a type of cosmic archaeology, Impey describes the astronomical clues that scientists have used to solve fascinating mysteries about the origins and development of our universe. How It All Began book signing to follow.

Copyright 2013 by T. E. Wilson

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