REVIEW: Red Lights (2012)

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If you hold on, Red Lights(2012) (mostly) pays off. The film does not move at the pace typical of Hollywood and the story does cop out at the end with a monologue to explain what has really happened, but it’s not enough to ruin the atmosphere created up to that point – instead, it just ruins the mystery, assuming the audience is not smart enough to add 2+2 and get the right answer.

A brief description of the film is a thriller surrounding investigators from a local college trying to debunk a man with a world-renowned reputation as a psychic and healer. Since I’m a closet believer in the paranormal abilities of humans, I’m a sucker for this kind of flick.

Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, and Robert De Niro pull off some of the best acting I’ve seen them do, completely infusing what would’ve been relatively simple characters in the hands of other actors. I can’t think of a time when these actors are not a pleasure to watch, regardless of the quality of the film they are in, and De Niro here causes flashbacks to his role as the devilish, Louis Cyphre, in the creepy classic, Angel Heart (1987).

Toby Jones and Elizabeth Olsen are wonderful in supporting roles and I wished they were more involved in the story, but I’ll look forward to seeing them in whatever they appear in next.

Although I was very disappointed by the way the movie reached completion, I was not disappointed with the ending of the story. Instead, I was actually surprised, and I hope you will be too.

Red Lights is a solid follow-up by Rodrigo Cortes to 2010’s lackluster Buried staring Ryan Reynolds. The story is up to par with 2011’s Apartment 143, written but not directed by him.

In the end, the overall rating for this should be a 3 – watchable, entertaining, not bad to watch again if it came on cable – but I’m going with a rating of 4 for the way it has me imagining what else it could’ve been.

Cover of "Angel Heart (Special Edition)"

Cover of Angel Heart (Special Edition)

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