The scales are tipping

Libra Symbol

Libra Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a Libra, so weighing things is in my nature. How does one go about weighing the Quantity, Quality, and Value of a life?

Those are questions my wife and I are struggling with daily with our Geriatric cat – Una Hemingway.

The strange thing is that – working daily at a cancer center – I feel I should have some special insight into the answers, but I don’t. I’m as clueless with her care, second-guessing everything, as I’ve seen patients and their family members be.

I’ve come the conclusion that there are only 2 possibilities.

One – The answers are so individual to the person, family, and entire situation as to be impossible to determine.


Two – There are no right answers.

Either way, a decision has to be made – even indecision is a choice.

And this is complicated by the Costs of care which are great. I concede that costs for human care are much greater than the cost of pet care, but neither are within the affordability of an average family. So any decision in not just weighed for right or wrong but cost, when few alive would be so callous as to consider any life having an equivalent value in dollars.

Una can’t treat herself. She can’t express if she’s in pain. And right now, I’m stuck unable to decide. Unable to find the balance that my nature screams for.


Copyright 2013 by T. E. Wilson

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