I’m stuck in the past

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English: Radio Tower Graphic The radio tower image was added to “Classic Rock” text (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like most people, I think a lot about the past. The good. The bad. The mistakes made and opportunities missed.

It’s human nature to look backward so that we can learn as we go forward. It’s also easy to get stuck in the past, especially in regards to particular areas of development. One of those is in music.

If love music the way I do, you’ve listened too and developed an appreciation for a lot of different genres and time periods. But, also if you’re like me, you remain most influenced by two time periods in particular – the music from when you were an adolescent (say 13-16, in particular) and the music of an adult in your life at that same time (for me, it’s my father).

I spend nearly all of my time listening to music reliving either the grunge/alternative music of the early ’90’s or the classic rock of the ’60’s and early ’70’s. And aging has helped this as the music from my high school years is now getting branded as “classic rock” along with the bands from 2-3 decades prior which influenced it.

Well, I’ve finally found an online radio station which caters almost exclusively to my taste.

FM Flashback – “Tune in and experience the biggest hits alongside some of the deepest cuts ever played.”

Remember me mentioning my friend from my public radio days who now is the station manager for a college radio station? In other words, someone with nearly identical tastes to mine. The station he works at created an Internet station called FM Flashback. It’s a radio station for me created and run by people just like me – commercial free music from the golden age of FM radio.

This isn’t convenient and customizable like listening to an iPod or Pandora. It’s also not limited to only the songs you know, the way classic rock stations on the radio usually are. It’s just great songs played one after another, commercial free.

If that’s up your alley, give a listen. It’s groovy, baby.

Now, I only wish I could get it in my car!


Copyright 2013 by T. E. Wilson

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