Overdue and Finding My Way

I made some promises of upcoming posts which I haven’t yet delivered on. I still plan to do them, as well as adding some reviews of recent movies I’ve seen and some thoughts on cancer and healthcare (after all, that consumes the majority of my work week, even when I’m off the clock), but I’ve been allowing myself to get distracted – swinging back and forth like the bob of a pendulum – as I find my way through this new world where I feel like a real author.


Pendulum at the California Academy of Science (volunteer docent in orage) (Photo credit: MrPlow5)

Yes, blogging feels like I’ve actually achieved – to a degree – something I’ve wanted to be my entire life and it’s a bit overwhelming to think of sometimes.

I also want to get some more original photography as well as more public domain images to add further variety. Eye candy online should never be taken for granted or underestimated. If you are an artist and would like me to feature something, send me a link to your work and I’ll check it out.

So please stay tuned. Check back often. And keep letting me know what you think.


T. E. Wilson

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