“All creative endeavors are, to some extent, selfish” by Cristian Mihai

Cristian Mihai as one of the first people to Like my blog and I’m glad he did. That’s how I found and fell in love with his. This post, in particular, struck me as I start this creative endeavor. I tried to express this in a post recently, but Cristian does it with much more grace. I’m not the only one reblogging this, so you should feel secure that it’s worth 5 minutes. Check it out.

Cristian Mihai

Maybe the best example is The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. What’s shocking is who wrote it, more than the story or plot or whatever. And what’s more interesting is that Rowling had the courage to write and publish such a novel.

And a lot of people got upset because of this. Because a lot of people mistake their part in the relationship they have with any artist. Somehow, some people think artists owe them for their success. In may ways, yes, they do, but ultimately, art is a selfish endeavor.

The act of writing a book, the act of reading one, deriving pleasure from these activities…

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