Writing a blog post is a conversation with myself.

Although a post is meant to be like having a discussion with you, there is no actual conversation. The entire process is a conversation with myself where I get to imagine we’re sitting in a room and I’m telling YOU my side of a conversation.

YOU look like my wife. My coworker. The woman who was in line ahead of me at the grocery story.

YOU are always very interested and engaged. You want to know more. What do I think? Why do I think that? More. More. More.

But what am I doing but actually having a conversation with myself? YOU are just a figment of my imagination. At least until my YOU become the real you and I’m not arrogant enough to assume that will actually happen.

What would Freud think of that?

For me, it’s something I’m still getting used to. It’s like writing a diary entry with the intent of leaving the diary open on a table at Starbucks and hoping it finds you.

Copyright 2013 by T. E. Wilson

4 responses to “Writing a blog post is a conversation with myself.

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  3. Just a question: Would you be there if it weren’t for this figment? If one believes in destiny then they would have to conclude that we would be here even if that meant that we had to have different parents/ancestors.

    • I’m not sure who the “you” is in your comment because, if it’s me, then I have to be there if I’m to imagine and create the post. But I’m also not a firm believer in destiny. Probably almost as much an agnostic about it as I am about religion. Really, destiny is often tied with religion. Which is probably why I find stories investigating destiny and religion so appealing – I’m still trying to find my ground.

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