The Evil Mr. Sands

English: Graphite drawing - Published in Pinte...

English: Graphite drawing – Published in Pinter’s obituary in the New Statesman, 12 January 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We went to our first live City Arts & Lectures tonight at the lovely Herbst Theater in San Francisco.

I have long enjoyed the recordings broadcast on KQED weekly, but I had never looked into actually attending one of the events. But when I saw that Julian Sands, directed by John Malkovich, was going to be doing a celebration of Harold Pinter – my favorite playwright – I could not pass up the chance.

It turns out that Mr. Sands has been performing this one-man celebration in various places and I found this video preview and interview on Charlie Rose.

I knew Pinter for his plays. His development of characters was stronger and more primal than any other playwright I’ve known. But I never knew this wonder of this poetry and that is what Julian Sands uses to celebrate Pinter’s life, work, and – even more – his love. His poems of love to his late wife, the actress, Vivien Merchant, to his companion, Antonia Fraser, and to his father.

I’m going to be chewing this over in my head for weeks if not longer. Processing the performance of Sands and his obvious love of Pinter. Absorbing the simple yet eloquent poetry of Pinter – like the dialogue of his characters.

If you can find this wonderful performance in your area, it is something you shouldn’t miss.  It is a night I will not forget.

Harold Pinter’s poetry

Harold Pinter on IMDB

Julian Sands on IMDB

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